About Us

Marcia English, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Human Nutrition, StFX.

W. F. James Research Scholar in the Pure and Applied Sciences, StFX (2021-22)

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biology, StFX

Adjunct Faculty, Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences, MUN

Room 423 JBB. 2320 Notre Dam Avenue. Antigonish, NS, B2G 2W5.

PhD, Food Science, Dalhousie University

BSc, Biology, (Honours, Co-op), UNB

Work in the X-Food research lab at StFX is engaged in addressing Food Science & Technology challenges related to the chemistry,  microbiology, and the packaging of food.

Key Research Interests:

  • Functional Food Proteins: isolation, identification, bioactivity, and interactions with off-flavour and flavour compounds.
  • Flavour chemistry: strategies to remove off-flavour compounds in pulses and algae.
  • Fermentation: identification of indigenous yeasts in Nova Scotia vineyards.
  • Food Packaging: developing biodegradable packaging materials using waste streams.
  • Food Product Development: sensory evaluation, and investigating student learning through entrepreneurial experiences.