About Us

Marcia English, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Human Nutrition, StFX.

W. F. James Research Scholar in the Pure and Applied Sciences, StFX (2021-22)

Room 423 JBB. 2320 Notre Dam Avenue. Antigonish, NS, B2G 2W5.

PhD, Food Science, Dalhousie University

BSc, Biology, (Honours, Co-op), UNB

Work in the X-Food research lab at StFX is engaged in addressing Food Science & Technology challenges related to the chemistry,  microbiology, and the packaging of food.

Key Research Interests:

  • Functional Food Proteins: isolation, identification, bioactivity, and interactions with off-flavour and flavour compounds.
  • Fermentation: strategies to remove off-flavour compounds in pulses and algae, and identification of indigenous yeasts in Nova Scotia vineyards.
  • Food Packaging: developing biodegradable packaging materials using waste streams.
  • Food Product Development: sensory evaluation, and investigating student learning through entrepreneurial experiences.