Current Students

Meet the current students who are an integral part of our research team.

Kristen Stephens, MSc Student (BSc Human Nutrition), from New Brunswick.

Title of Project: Investigating aroma formation during the processing and storage of fermented pulses.


Sophia Antoniello (MSc student) from Venezuela.

Title of Project: Machine learning and fermentation strategies to evaluate the flavour and nutritional properties of pre-treated chickpeas.


Ana Maria Bejarano-Martinez, (BSc student)

Summer research student from Ecuador

Title of Project: Assessing the Value of Entrepreneurial Experiences for Human Nutrition Undergraduate Students at StFX.


Corinna Sahu, (BSc Student)

Summer Research Student from Ontario

Title of Project: Modifying flavour profiles of Nova Scotia bean flours using lactic acid fermentation.


Sonia Rondon (BioSci UoG, BSc student, StFX)

Research student (Born in Venezuela, and raised in Ontario)

Brighid McKay (BSc Honours student)

Summer NSERC USRA student from Calgary, Alberta.

Title of Project: Characterization of fermented Nova Scotia bean flours and protein isolates.


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