Current Students

Meet the current students who are an integral part of our research team.

Kristen Stephens, MSc Student (BSc Human Nutrition), from New Brunswick.

Title of Project: Investigating aroma formation during the processing and storage of fermented pulses.


Sophia Antoniello (MSc student) from Venezuela.

Title of Project: Machine learning and fermentation strategies to evaluate the flavour and nutritional properties of pre-treated chickpeas.


Brighid McKay (BSc Honours student)

Summer NSERC USRA student from Calgary, Alberta.

Title of Project: Characterization of fermented Nova Scotia bean flours and protein isolates.


Ana Maria Bejarano-Martinez, (BSc student)

Summer research student from Ecuador

Title of Project: Assessing the Value of Entrepreneurial Experiences for Human Nutrition Undergraduate Students at StFX.


Corinna Sahu, (BSc Student)

Summer Research Student from Ontario

Title of Project: Modifying flavour profiles of Nova Scotia bean flours using lactic acid fermentation.


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