Funding and Publications

Active Grants:

  1. Our Team application (Dr. Lisa Lunney Borden (PI), Ellen Carter, Dr. Tara Taylor, Dr. Marcia English (Co-applicant) and Dr. Robert van den Hoogen) to the NSERC Promoscience grant has been successful. Title: Show Me Your Math: Connecting Math to Our Lives and Communities. (2023).
  2. Our Team application (Dr. Jantina Toxopeus (PI), Dr. Russell Wyeth, Dr. Tamar Rodela, Dr. Marcia English (Co-applicant), Dr. Shah Razul and Dr. Jen Perry) to the James Chair Equipment grant to purchase a qPCR and nano-drop has been successful. (2022)
  3. Our Team application (Dr. Alex Foo (PI), Dr .Geniece Tapley, Dr. Shah Razul, and Dr. Marcia English (Co-applicant) to the James Chair Equipment grant towards the purchase of a bacterial cell culture incubator, centrifuge rotor has been successful. (2022)
  4. Protein enriched texture modified foods: Formulation and physical and sensory characterization. (University Council on Research, UCR, 2021-2023).
  5. Characterizing the key aroma-active compounds and non-volatile compounds in raw and processed salmon (Salmo salar) and salmon alternative products. Mitacs Accelerate & New School Foods Inc., 2021)
  6. Our Team application (Dr. Marcia English, Dr. Ruth Harvie, Dr Jen Jamieson & Dr Shah Razul) to the James Chair Equipment grant towards the purchase of a Texture Analyzer has been successful. (2021)
  7. Evaluating the impact of cooking times and the type of oil on the volatile and nonvolatile components of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) using gas chromatography-olfactometry mass spectrometry. (Industrial Research Assistance Program, IRAP & New School Foods Inc., 2021)
  8. Texture-modified food products: Testing and sensory evaluation of commercial and formulated protein-enriched variations. Co-Applicant, Dr. Ruth Harive. (Industrial Research Assistance ProgramIRAP & Galloping Cows, 2021)
  9. Flavour Profiles and Nutrient Quality: Determining the roles of lipid modifying enzymes, protein-aroma active compound interactions, and protein stability in plant-based food systems. (NSERC Discovery Grant, 2021).
  10. Texture-modified food products: Testing and sensory evaluation of commercial and formulated protein-enriched variations. (Contribution to Organization – Industrial Research Assistance Program, 2021).
  11. Determining the chemical composition of Nova Scotia wild lowbush Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) leaves and their potential application in product development. (ACOA & Bee Cee Farms, 2020).
  12. Characterizing the physiochemical and morphological properties of bio-based films developed from plant-based sources. (Springboard, 2019).
  13. Food Chemistry research platform for investigating aroma-active compound interactions in plant-based proteins. (Canada Foundation for Innovation, 2019).
  14. Improving wine quality through mixed and sequential fermentations with indigenous yeasts. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada & CGCN, 2018-present).
  15. To investigate the use of lactic acid fermentation as a strategy to improve the levels of volatile compounds associated with off-flavours in Nova Scotian beans.  (UCR, 2017-2020).

Completed Grants:

  1. Nutritional composition of pastured eggs. NRC, Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP, 2015-2016).
  2. Investigating novel peptides for functional food applications. (Start-up grant, 2014-2019).

Publications (Peer-reviewed):

  1. Marcia English, Ogadimma Okagu, Alex Goertzen, *Kristen Stephens, and Chibuike Udenigwe. (2023). Encapsulation for improving the flavour of foods: A review of techniques, impact of food matrix and flavour chemistry, and analytical and sensory characterization. Frontiers in Nutrition. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2023.1019211
  2. Emmanuel Otchere, *Brighid McKay, Marcia English, Alberta N. A. Aryee. (2023). Current trends in nano-delivery systems for functional foods: a systematic review. PeerJ.
  3. Ofori, K., *Antoniello, S., English, M., and Aryee, A. (2022). Improving nutrition through biofortification – A systematic review. Frontiers in Nutrition.
  4. Bunbury-Blanchette, A., Fan, L., English, M., & Kernaghan, G. (2022). Vineyard yeast communities before and after spontaneous fermentation: a case study from Nova Scotia. Canadian Journal of Microbiology.
  5. Jamieson JA, Gill K, Fisher S, English M. Development of a Canadian Food Composition Database of Gluten-Free Products. Foods. 2022; 11(15):2215.
  6. *Viana, L. and English, M. (2022). The impact of dehulling and germination on the physiochemical and functional properties of yellow-eyed bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) protein isolates. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. (2022).
  7. Kevany, K., English, M., *Viana, L., *Stephens, K. (2022). Drivers and Deterrents of Canadians adopting Canada’s new Food Guide and using plant-based foods. Journal of Food & Nutrition Sciences, 4, 32-49. doc:
  8. *Viana, L. and English, M. (2021). The application of chromatography in the study of off-flavour compounds in pulses, and pulse by-products. LWT Food Science and Technology.
  9. English, MM. (2021). The chemical composition of free-range and conventionally-farmed eggs available to Canadians in rural Nova Scotia. PeerJ 9:e11357
  10. Jamieson, J., *Viana, L., & English, M. M. (2020). Folate content and chemical composition of commercially available gluten-free flour alternatives. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition.
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  14. English, M., *Keough, M., McSweeney, M., & M. S., Razul. (2019). Impact of a novel cryoprotectant blend on the quality of frozen lobster (Homarus americanus). (*Student author). Journal of Food Science: Sensory and Consumer Science.
  15. English, M., *Viana, L., and McSweeney, M. (2019). Effect of soaking on the functional properties of Yellow-eyed bean flour and the acceptability of chocolate brownies. (*Student author). Journal of Food Science, 83, 623-628.
  16. English, M. M., Coulson, T. J. D., Horseman, S. R. & Patten, C. (2010). Overexpression of hns in the plant growth-promoting bacterium Enterobacter cloacae UW5 increases root colonization. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 108, 2180-2190.

Publications: Non peer-reviewed

  1. English, M. (2022). Canadian Food Business. Communicating health claims for functional foods:

Book Chapter:

  1. English, M. (2019). Industrialized Food Systems: What We Have – A look at food production, full cost accounting and consumer demand for protein in diets. In: K. Kevany (Editor), Succulent Sustainability: Shaping Food Systems through Plant-based Diets (pp.) Oxfordshire, UK: Taylor & Francis.

Conference Publications:

  1. *Burrell, H., English, M., & Cohen A. (2019). Investigating antihypertensive, Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme (ACE)-inhibitory activity of soldier bean protein hydrolysates. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, 80, 159-160.


Under Review:

  1. Marzieh Baneshi, Alberta N.A. Aryee, Marcia English, and Martin Mkandawire. (2023). Designing Plant-Based Smart Food Packaging Solutions for Prolonging Consumable Life of Perishable Foods. Applied Food Research. Special Issue: Novel Processing and Packaging Strategies for Increasing the Sustainability of the Food Supply Chain.


In Preparation:

  1. *Viana, L., Jordan, M., Forney, C., and English, M. (2023). Impact of dehulling and germination of yellow-eye beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and the flavour profiles pre-treated flours and the consumer acceptability of gluten-free cookies. Foods.
  2. English, M., Truelstrup-Hansen, L., and Paulson, A. (2023).  Escherichia coli K-12 and S. enterica Typhimurium 14028 responses to the presence of a native and modified cationic antimicrobial peptide. Journal of Applied Microbiology.
  3. English, M., and *Fenlon, C. (2023). Characterizing the physio-chemical and morphological properties of bio-based films developed from plant-based sources. Food Packaging and Shelf-life.