Previous Students

Previous Students on our Research Team

Lauren Viana, MSc, (BSc. Honours) from London, Ontario.

Thesis title: The effects of germination and dehulling on yellow-eyed dried bean proteins and their interactions with aroma compounds.

Chantel Yakimets (BSc Honours student) from Sherwood Park, AB.
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Harvie
Title of Project: Characterization of texture-modified foods.
Megan Davies, BSc,
(NSERC USRA, 2021)
Title of Project: Modifying flavour profiles of Nova Scotia bean flours using lactic acid fermentation.

Fiona Amos, (Irving Research Mentorship award, 2021)

Title of Project: Microbial extraction of chitin from lobster shells and the potential application in biodegradable packaging films.

Tori Pelletier, BSc (2021)

Title of Project: Investigating entrepreneurial experiences of HNU students.

Thalia Puac Advanced Major Student, (2021)

Title of Project: Leaves from Wild Blueberry Plants: Health benefits and potential uses as Functional Foods.

Cassandra Fenlon, BSC Honours, (2020)

Thesis Title:The determination of the structural interactions between sodium alginate, PPI and transglutaminase in biodegradable plastic alternatives.

Jacqueline Rusin (BSc. Honours), 2019.
Co-supervisors: Dr. M. English & Dr. Jamieson.
Thesis title: Determination of folate content in nutritionally important gluten- free flours using Lactobacillus casei spp. Rhamnosus in a microbiological assay.

Alixis Grano, (Advanced major), 2017.
Title of project: Quality attributes that affect market acceptance of Canadian pulses in Indian marketplaces.
Olivia Clancy, (BSC. Honours), 2016.
Thesis title: The protein composition of pastured eggs from Wild Orchid Farms vs. store-bought eggs in Antigonish.
Courtney Campbell, (BSc. Honours), 2016.
Supervisor: Dr. M. English
Thesis title: The lipid composition of pastured eggs from Wild Orchid Farms vs. store- bought eggs in Antigonish.

Michael Keough (BSc. Honours), 2018.

Thesis title: A pilot study evaluating consumer acceptability of cooked, American lobster (Homarus americanus) frozen in a new cryoprotective solution.

Heather-Ann Burrell, (BSc. Honours), 2018.

Thesis title: Identification of potential bioactive compounds responsible for Angiotensin-I Converting enzyme inhibition from soldier bean protein isolates.

Amanda Rees, (BSc Honours), 2018.

Thesis title: Protein extraction from the macroalgae Dulse (Palmaria palmata) and Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca): Impact of environmental conditions on extraction efficiency.